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Hey, there! I've been receiving couple of inboxes with questions, sometimes they are the same so, let me recap real quick here :) 

- "What you do to improve your art really fast?"
I sketch/draw/paint daily. Not once a week, every day. For me one of the things that has helped me the most is the ability to observe. I am the weird guy who stares at how the light hits the clouds, the ground and so on. 

- "Do you have your set of brushes available to download?"
Here: My Brush Pack [Link In Description] by Fenris31 and Here:  Fenris_Brush_Pack V02 by Fenris31.

- "What is Project Messenger?"
It's a persona idea of mine. I'm gonna release it as soon as possible and for free. Welcome donations.
I made a Tumblr page for it:

-"Would you do a Patreon?"
I don't think so. That would be stressful for me, and i doubt I have enough followers to feed such a project. 

- "Where else can we find your work?"
Besides here on DA, the most of my work are...

On my facebook:

- "Have any tutorials we can see?"
In my youtube channel I have the closest to tutorials I've ever done. Here:…

-"Any resources you may share"?
You have it! Here on this folder in my facebook:…
Also check my folder here on DA about resources and such:…

My portfolio page:

PS: If I haven't answered one of your questions or notes, pardon me. I had a blast of notes lately. I'll get to everyone soon :) 

Kind regards. 
Hello, everyone who could be reading this!

I'm starting to let run my Personal Webcomic project called 'The Messenger'. A cyberpunk/post apocalyptic themed story.

It will be free to read for everyone. 

I' trying to get support, no money hahaha. Just people out there that could sympathize with my idea and take a look at my content, to both enjoy and give feedback. 

I repeat, this is not a money-wise project.  Just a personal dream/project that I want to put together. And motivational people is the best way to keep at it.

Here are some samples of the art for you to get an idea.

[Messenger] Bastian. by Fenris31   [Messenger] Environmental Sketch: Refraction by Fenris31  [Messenger]  Environmental Sketch: Inspection. by Fenris31

And here is the official Tumblr where I'm gonna be posting way more concepts, Images and the comic itself:

Also my personal Facebook:

Share it around if you feel like it and hope you like what I'm about to let go wild!


Uploaded by me. 
All rights to the oweners of the original pictures. 
For Study, Reference, Photobashing And Photo texturing..
Download Link:…

Anatomy pack: 

Anatomy Pictures Pack! (For reference and studies)Uploaded by me. 
All rights to the oweners of the original art. (If you find your art in, and ou want it out, just send a note and I'll make it.)
Only for study/reference purposes.
Download link:

Uploaded by me. 

All rights to the oweners of the original art. (If you find your art in, and ou want it out, just send a note and I'll make it.)
Only for study/reference purposes.
Download link:…
Do you like one piece?! I like One Piece! 

Look at this adorable bag my friend Nakiami did! 
One Piece bag by NAKYOKIAMI

It's so cool! 

She also does some fashion design! Take a look! 

Yeaah! Hello again! Hope everyone is doing ok!

Since nobody said hi in my blog because of my comic project, i'll be posting resources such as tutorials, brushes and inspirational sites in a category called "Resources" (Don't you say!).

Go and take a look. I'll update it soon.

I just opened my blog here:

I'll be posting there a lot! Including info and art of my comic project The Messenger. This comic has been a lifetime project that's still in developement. So bring yourself in and help me to encourage for this project!

Thanks for reading! 

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Hellous! I've been growing in this comunity as well as in digital art, creating more interesting pieces and developing confidence in my skills. And i feel the need to thank all of you who have fave, watch, comment my work. It feels really awesome to know my hard work is payng back.

Some art:

Forest Meadow by Fenris31 The Witch Of The Elvens by Fenris31
005. by Fenris31 Robot Design by Fenris31 Droid by Fenris31

I'll find a way to give back some of the love you gave to me me. Look forward to my developement!


Fan Page:…
Skype: Magnumfenris
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Hello there!, I'm Yunior Guerra AKA Fenris. I've been concept artist, fantasy and sci-fi illustrator for indie Trading Card Games and various projects.

Take a look at my porfolio and if you like the style, please send a note.


For more information about the this and another info, please send an email to or note me and i'll be glad to give an answer.


- Fenris.
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Hello everybody. It says that "With great power comes great responsabilities" Bullcrap! It comes with great awesomeness! I'm willing to share a lot of crap today! Enjoy!

So let's start with some fine feature, baby!

:iconstudiochouchou: Awesome Manga/Anime Style art.
:thumb363340449: :thumb362228900: :thumb350255790:

:iconfesbraa: Killing concepts and art by this latin Artist.
Olaf v. 2.0 by Fesbraa Mystery house by Fesbraa Forja de Armas by Fesbraa

:icontsrodriguez: Epicness everywhere.
Demon vs Celestial by TSRodriguez Katan's Revenge by TSRodriguez Natalya by TSRodriguez

:iconfuride-chan: She's just too awesome!
Faceless by furide-chan :thumb363690706: Dog House by furide-chan

Contest time! (More like a Giveaway.)

So the thing is this. Go trough my gallery and find a old piece that you'd like me to re-do (2012 or less), make a little explanation of why that one and post the link in this journal.

I'll be picking  5 winners and i'll give them 50 :points: each.


:iconneamid: ----> Vagrant Lady: Color by Fenris31
:iconfranzmori: :iconthescratchman: ----> The Lady And The Spear by Fenris31
:iconakemi-nai: ----> Second Soul by Fenris31
:iconfalconess22: ----> Overrated by Fenris31

What is the world if not a boost for you mind?

Round Tablet: Party, but do it hard.
Creative Uncut: Video Game concept art.
Fantasyart101 (Tumblt): A lot, and i mean, a lot of good stuff from various artist featured there.
Sense Of Sensuality (Tumblr): Sexy, epic and great art!
FZD page: Too much for a living being.
Nuting But Mechs: The name says it all. Amazing mech art there!


Tutorials and resources!

Video Tutorials

FZD Desig Cinema:… Damns!
Concept Cookie:…
Scott Robertson:…


Pantemonium Brushes:…

Hope this can help or entertain somebody. Thanks for the love and share this with your art friends, so they can enjoy as well.

Thanks. Bye bye!
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>> Rebooting........................ System Up.
>>Installing Back Up =//////////////////////////....=
>>Set Up Complete.
>> Releasing Inhibitors. . . . . . . . Done.
>>Boost.............. Activated.
>>Project Droid:................... Start.
>> Droid Syndrome.


Hello there everybody! I'm seeking for a stock gallery with a woman that could possibly look like the female character here in anatomy and body:
Skull Girl X Droid by Fenris31

If you guys could tell me about somebody, i'd be generous in return. I need her as a reference for my upcoming comic: Skull X Droid.

More related art:
Skull Girl X Droid: The Keeper Of The Seed by Fenris31 Designs by Fenris31

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I can't believe my pieces are getting so high amount of views! It really means a lot to me!

Snow Den by Fenris31 Skull Girl X Droid by Fenris31 Miyuki Finished. by Fenris31 Essence Of Flesh by Fenris31 Dragoness by Fenris31

Thanks everybody for supporting my work. I'll be creating more exciting art for you guys!
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I'm not exactly sure of what it is, but if you show me a pic of my views at 12.000 you win a full colored character of your choice!

Sketches for 5 extra winners.

Also, answer my pol here… and choose wich gonna be the next fan art i will do.

Feature corner:

People says that when you live in a cool place, all pictures you take will be cool, but look at this pictures taken by :iconselimeia:

Lyon - V by Selimeia Lyon - VII by Selimeia Lyon - XXX by Selimeia

Awesome, isn't it?

She also writes, so take a minute and have a good time reading.
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OMG, somebody tried to steal my password, and thanks to the
'forgot password" thing i got it back, but it was changed to "malevolgia". But everything is ok now, except for my heartbeats...
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A lot of things have been coming to my life lately. Problems, good things, and sometimes, just surprises. I started my Facebook page, for art and teaching some tricks i've already learned.

If you want to find something to hit like on, some possible learning and live streaming demos, take a look there.

Facebook Page:…


Elirion by Fenris31 Drago Tamer by Fenris31 Knight Of The North by Fenris31 Flower Of Eliah by Fenris31
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:iconcynn-l: 2 Waist up/Color
:iconsasuke4tenten: Waist up/Color: Sasuke x Tenten
:icongivellamabadge1plz::icongivellamabadge2plz::icongivellamabadge3plz: :iconareawesomestamp01plz::iconareawesomestamp02plz:
:iconcorelplz1::iconcorelplz2: Photoshop User Stamp by chchln EasyPaintToolSAI User Stamp by ClefairyKid

The gang:
:iconyui-lee:  :iconmusspell:  :iconwillsama:
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Practicing! Searching for packs of Stock images. if anyone know about that, please contact me.

I got a 3 Months Premium Membership and it rocks! I just love it!

:points:The point comissions are open! :points:

New artwork released and more coming soon!
Vagrant Lady: Color by Fenris31 :thumb268311177:
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I'm afraid i'll be a little out of work on these coming days. The reason? I lost my pc due to familiar issues, along with the funds to finally buy a tablet.


I'm so sorry guys. But the comissions won't be ready yet. I hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

Thanks for understanding.
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I'm gonna do 10 free comissions. I had a lot of things to do, so i got carried away with that and left my drawings aside. I need practice and you guys gonna help me! e.e

           - 1 Comission for people.
           - Leave the info of the work on this Journal, a note, or a tag to your DA. Not in comments on my DA profile, please.
           - I won't take comissions for people not in my DA like friends or watchers.
           - Nothing Yaoi (sorry girls, maybe next time ;) )
           - I don't promise Backgrounds.
           - Please, be especific with your comission. Beacuse i don't want people complaining about the result.
           ( Seriously guys... Its free! xD)
           - Don't stalk me after this xD (Sorry, i couldn't lose the chance)


1. :iconxamadanxiii: - Steampunk Guy - Ongoing
2. :iconsilentshadow1991: - Knight Demon Lady - Ongoing
3. :iconmusspell: - Bizarre Being
4. :iconppgrainbow: - Humanized Mechapuff (Original character from her:

Take your now!

Fenris Niflheim | Create Your Badge
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I contacted Fiduciose!!! Darn! he's so freakin' cool!! Now i'm even more excited to practice my artwork!!

I'll start commissions for DA Points, so soon! *w*
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